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Get to know your Auto Insurance

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About coverages …

Hello READERS my name is Svetlana Forkin I am the owner of f &n insurance also an insurance agent and I work in the agency everyday selling policies as a regular agent..

Since I open the agency I realized that most of the people that have auto insurance rely on their agents or the coverage, but most of these agents don’t explain the coverages to them therefore clients think they have a great coverage when in reality they have gaps on the coverage. We take the time in explain those details and make sure you know you coverages and what you are buying.

So I decided to share some info about coverages so everyone knows what is the deference’s.

In Florida everyone that owns a car has to have a PIP coverage, PIP stands for personal injury protection this coverage covers for damages to the body of the driver of the car in case of an accident, this benefit total of 10,000 and 5,000 if the accident result in death in some cases they even pay loss wages but this needs to be asked for in the moment of purchasing the insurance you can have a deductible or no.

A deductible is the part of the insurance that you are responsible for as an insured. Deductibles can be in the pip, collision coverage and comprehensive you can chose from no deductible to $2500 deductible everything can be customized to your needs.

Usually the PIP coverage come in hand of the property damage this property damage pays for damages in result of an accident to other people’s properties could be another car, a house, a business. This coverage can range from 10,000 to 100,000 benefit.

We have the bodily injury now this is a coverage most people don’t think is important but it is very important this is optional, and this coverage pays for damages to other people that are in the vehicle in the moment of an accident and if there is a lawsuit this coverage covers for legal defense, this coverage goes by person and by accident and benefit range from 10,000 per person/20,000 per accident to 100,000 per person/300,000 per accident, it is a choice of the client to what extent they want to be protected.

Collision and comprehensive this is the coverage for the car. Collision for accident with another cars and comprehensive for anything else robbery, hurricanes, vandalism and many more. This coverage have a deductible and again you chose the deductible from $0- $2500.

We have rental, towing, roadside assistance this coverages are also optional, they are great in price and its always good to have it, the rental pays for a rental car in case that you got into and accident and the insurance is fixing the car, this is an expense that would come out of your pocket if you don’t have this coverage, you can be saving a lot of money and sometimes what it cost you it is around 12$ for policy term of course all companies are different if you want to add this service to your policy call you agent today you will be surprise.

What do you think about this explanation is a lot? But we are not over yet they are some other coverages that are also optional most people don’t even know they exist.

Uninsured motorist coverage this coverage confuses a lot of people even to me at the beginning I have to admit. Uninsured motorist coverage protects you if you’re in an accident with an at-fault driver who doesn’t carry liability insurance. So pays for damages if someone got in an accident with you and doesn’t have the proper insurance or no insurance at all. In the contrary to bodily injury that pays for an accident that you caused.

Now that you have an idea of the coverages go check you policy and make sure you are protected and if you have other question call us we are open from Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm or go to out website where you can compare your car insurance without having to call anyone .