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Jewelry Insurance in Homestead and Windermere, FL

Jewelry insurance in Florida safeguards your pieces from fire, theft, and accidents, ensuring your valuables are protected. Choose the best match from various insurance carriers and secure your policy instantly.

Jewelry Insurance Coverage


Jewelry insurance protects jewelry (ex. engagement ring) against losses from fire, theft, or other household accidents. Jewelry insurance often includes coverage for needed repairs and preventive maintenance, which lets you repair any jewelry before any damage becomes severe. Jewelry insurance also usually covers the full cost of the replacement of your jewelry if it was stolen or damaged beyond repair. Learn more about jewelry insurance or get a quote for coverage today by contacting our agency.

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Securing an insurance plan has never been easier! With just a few clicks, you’ll have a selection of detailed plans from top insurance carriers. Choose what works for you and get covered instantly. No jargon, no endless forms — just peace of mind in minutes.

What Types of Jewelry Coverage Are Available?

There are three ways to get an insurance cover, including:

  •  Homeowners insurance covers engagement rings or any jewelry, including losses caused by fire, a tornado, theft, or vandalism. However, standard homeowners insurance usually doesn’t fully cover high-value jewelry. Even if you increase your homeowner limits, this may not be enough.
  • Insurance floater can supplement your homeowners coverage. A personal articles floater covers jewelry that exceeds the coverage limits of your homeowners policy. This floater usually covers items no matter where they are—in your home, plane, or hotel room while on vacation.
  • A stand-alone policy goes beyond a floater by covering incidents that traditional insurance might not cover, such as a chipped stone in a ring or a broken clasp on a necklace. You can buy a stand-alone jewelry insurance policy from an insurer specializing in jewelry policies. A stand-alone jewelry insurance policy also keeps any claims off your homeowners insurance, so your home insurance rates won’t be affected.

Is Jewelry Insurance Necessary?

Jewelry insurance is necessary for protecting valuable pieces against loss, theft, fire, and other household accidents. It not only covers the repair and preventive maintenance of jewelry but also provides for the total replacement cost in case of irreparable damage or theft. With options ranging from basic homeowners insurance, which has limitations, to more comprehensive stand-alone policies, jewelry insurance provides security for personal items, making it a prudent choice for those with high-value jewelry. Please don’t risk your precious engagement ring, get it insured.


How to Get Jewelry Insurance?

If you need an insurance cover, a reputable insurance company is here to help. Call F & N Insurance Group, Inc. to discuss your jewelry coverage needs and get a quote or offer for a policy that’s right for you.